This page hopefully covers some of the most asked questions

What do parents need to buy for their children to become a member of the Scout Association?

  • Nothing for a start. If the youngsters like what we do, you will be told when their investiture is going to take place, and then they should come along with their uniform.The children can wear their sweat shirts’ or shirts as soon as you buy them.
  • The uniform is
  • Beavers –    Turquoise sweatshirt 
  • Cubs –        Dark Green sweatshirt
  • Scouts –      Teal Green shirt
  • Explorers –  Kaki Explorer shirt.
  • The necker for 1st Portlethen Scout Group is Gold with a Black edge. This will be worn from Beavers when they can start at 6 years old, all the way through to Scouts, when they leave the section at 14.

  • Navy Activity or Combat trouser, Caps, T shirts and other add-ons’ are available, but are not required by the group.
  • All badges are presented by the leaders to the children at weekly meetings.You do not have to buy badges or woggles (the coloured ring that slips on to their necker).
  • Don’t buy any of the books on offer, as you may be given a Beaver Logbook or Cub Powerpack book when you begin in Scouting with us.
  • We do try and keep costs at a minimum.We don’t ask people to buy stuff that they won’t need!


Where can we buy uniform?

  • We’d advise you to try John Lewis for this.There are various outlets that can be tried, but JL are local and you can try on uniform to make sure it fits.
  • Our local supplier of necks has ceased to hold a stock for the Scout Association.Our intention is to hold neckers at Bourtee for you to purchase. Ask a leader if you need one.We will mark your child’s initials on the tag at the same time!
  • Neckers will cost £5. Please bring a cheque for this value.


Where /  What is Templars Park?

  • This is our local Scout Campsite.We as a group, often meet at Templars for activities and camps. Clink here directions.


Where do we meet?

  • You’ll find out about our Beaver Scout Colony here
  • You’ll find out about our Cub Scout Pack here
  • You’ll find out about our Scout Troop here
  • You’ll find out about the local Explorer Scout Unit here

How much does it cost to attend 1st Portlethen Scout Group?

  • We charge £25 per term.There are 3 terms a year.
  • No one will be asked to pay the first night they join.Making sure the young person is happy in Scouts is far more important.Once they have settled in, we will ask you for subs.
  • We have recently moved on to a direct debit system for payments, both for fees and additions costs like camps.This makes our accounts much easier and far more traceable.If you wish to make manual payments, we will provide a stamp addressed envelope which has our treasurer’s address.
  • Please don’t hand over cash for subs or outings, to leaders.Leaders have enough to contend with during meetings.
  • All cheques should be made payable to “1st Portlethen Scout Group”.

I’ve heard the term “Invested”. What does that mean?

  • Once the child has settled in and is happy to commit to be a scout, we will “Invest” them.
  • It normally involves a short ceremony either at the start or end of one of the meeting.
  • They will need to have their uniform for this and all subsequent meeting and events.

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