Parents Badge!!!!!


New Staged Award Badges for Parents


The Scout Association are delighted to announce the new “Persevering Parent” Staged Award Badge in order to recognise in a tangible fashion the contribution that dedicated Parents make to the Scout Movement.

In a departure from the usual practice, and once more demonstrating Scouting innovation, the Persevering Parent badge will be provided as a tattoo. A Scout Association spokesperson explained, “We feel that Scout parents have enough sewing to do without the additional burden of having to sew their own badges. This approach will off-load the needlework to professionals who will welcome the additional business”

Local Southampton tattooist, Spike “the Needle” Stabber was delighted, “This is great news. I’m planning to offer discounts to customers who opt for one of my popular ‘I luv Bear Grylls’ range of tattoos at the same time. I expect huge demand and will be offering to make home visits to Scout Parents”

Although announced nationally, Persevering Parent Staged Award Badges will initially only be available in a few limited locations – the left ankle, the right forearm or the forehead.