Waiting List


As things stand, every section within our group, operate with a waiting list.

The younger sections are very, very busy, and demand is exceptionally high.

We hope this means we are doing something right!

But can I just ask that you understand that we are doing everything we can to meet the demand for places. There is a chance, certainly for the Beaver Sections’ that we might not be able to offer a place for your child.

Thats not something we take any pleasure from. But as things stand, it just is a fact. We will do everything in our power to meet the demand.

Please use our Child Joining page so we can get the appropriate information to add your details to our waiting list.

Hillside Beavers are happening!

So, we are happy to announce, that we WILL be opening a new section of Beaver Scouts, at Hillside School, as of Wednesday, 25th April. We will run from 6.30 to 7.45pm.

If you would like one of the few available spaces, please go to our Child Joining page and fill in a form. As always, places are at a premium and you may have to wait for a space to become available.

Please click here before asking any questions. Most of the answers your looking for are here.

Our group operates due to adults coming forward, to offer their help.

Thankfully, that has happened, hence why we are in a position to start the new Beaver Scout section, but our leader numbers are still low. 

If you can help, and would like to be a member of our team, please go to our Volunteer page and get in contact with us. 

Folks, it’s a simple thing. The more people we have helping, the better experiences we can give the young people. Plus you get to have fun too. It’s a no brainer.

Come on. Lets make it even better.



Hillside Beavers!

Yes, We now have a let at Hillside School on a Wednesday night.

But we need leaders.

All adults will go through a Disclosure Scotland Enhanced PVG scheme. (Don’t worry, its only a form to fill in.)

All adults will have the chance to go through Scouts Leader Training including First Aid and Safeguarding.

We are struggling to meet the demand at the current Beaver meeting at Bourtree, so we know the kids are keen to get started. 

Our current members will have the chance to move up to Hillside too, so we know it can be a success. We also have some awaiting places on our Waiting list.

But we need people to come forward and step up to the mark and make it happen.

Please don’t let this opportunity get away! 

Don’t think others will do it. Chances are, they won’t!

Come on guys, please don’t let our kids down. They deserve better.


If you can help please click here

Any space for my child?

Simple answer, is yes!

But…….there are 2  conditions!

We need somewhere to meet!

We think we can get that one sorted.

But, more importantly, we need people to Volunteer!

One without the other, is like a bike with no wheels! 

“I’d love to help, but I’m really busy”.

Yes. We know. So are we. 

Volunteering as a regular helper, or preferably a Warranted Leader, is a commitment. But we need people to do this, otherwise the answer to the above question is NO!

Please don’t think other people will do this. They won’t.

We would love to start a new Beaver Section and, in a couple of years time, a new Cub Section, in the Hillside area of our town.

But we need people to do this.

Remember, what we do is all about having fun.

We are open to all, and we are a friendly bunch.

Please help us to keep the answer to the above question  Yes by clicking this link.

Fire-Station Visit

The Cubs took a trip to the Fire-Station and were soon having fun knocking down plastic water bottles with the powered water from a fire hose of one of the fire-engines. They also got a chance to see all the gear that is carried in the fire-engines.

RNLI Visit

The Beavers took a trip to Stonehaven to visit the RNLI Station and to hear about the importance of water safety. They learnt about the kit that the crew wear when out on the boat – over £1000, and the boat costs £120,000! They then got to sit in the boat at the boat shed.


Waiting List

I’m sorry to say, due to the demand for places, and the ever increasing waiting list, we have had to take down our Child Joining page of our site.

Both the Beavers and Cubs are now inundated with people looking for places within Scouting in Portlethen and it is now at the point that we just cannot take any more names for our waiting list.

We do whatever we can to find space for as many children as we can within the group, but for now, I’m afraid to say, we just cannot add to the list at present.

We will reinstate the Child Joining page just as soon as we feel we are in position to take in more children.

Pitch It!


Yes, we did the impossible. 

We actually managed to get teenagers to eat fruit and veg! Yes, I know, we didn’t think it was possible either, but it did happen. 

Heres the proof. 

img_3334 img_3335 img_3336

The Scouts were given the challenge to come up with a yummy tasting smoothie made from all things healthy, then pitch it as a healthy option in a style the Lord Sugar would be proud of. 

Well done to the winning team. 

Fruit seemed to be the winning ingredient. 


Come on Lynx!

SkatingSomething a bit different for our Scout Section.

Aberdeen Lynx took on Edinburgh Capitol in a hard fought match.

We even managed to get in on the action, by having a go at the break time “Chuck a Puck!” game, where we endeavoured to slide our pucks and land their puck closest to the centre of the rink . No winner from our group unfortunately.

It was a great family night out. I think a few will be making their way back.


We are Amazing!

Every now and then, we need to sit down and remind ourselves what we are.

We are Scouts! And guess what…?

We are amazing.

We do stuff that others never get the chances to do.

We should be very proud of the young people in this community.

We just need a wee reminder sometimes.

Who needs snow? Not us!!

Who needs snow? Not us!!