Indoor Sleep Over Kit List

Here is a basic kit list for one of our indoor sleep overs.


Suggested Kit List – All items should be clearly labelled with the Cub’s Name

Uniform (to be worn to travel in)
Spare Underclothes
Sleeping Bag
Foam Sleeping Mat
Hankies (Handy Andies etc)
Personal Washing Kit / Tooth Brush
Torch and Spare Batteries
Mug, Knife, Fork, Spoon, Drinks bottle.
Dinner plate, pudding bowl
Cuddly Toy

Please pack in either a rucksack or sports bag

(Cubs will be required to carry their own kit between the car-park and campsite)

All medicines, clearly labelled with Cub’s name and dosage instructions, must be handed to a Leader on arrival.

Names on everything please!