Pitch It!


Yes, we did the impossible. 

We actually managed to get teenagers to eat fruit and veg! Yes, I know, we didn’t think it was possible either, but it did happen. 

Heres the proof. 

img_3334 img_3335 img_3336

The Scouts were given the challenge to come up with a yummy tasting smoothie made from all things healthy, then pitch it as a healthy option in a style the Lord Sugar would be proud of. 

Well done to the winning team. 

Fruit seemed to be the winning ingredient. 


We are Amazing!

Every now and then, we need to sit down and remind ourselves what we are.

We are Scouts! And guess what…?

We are amazing.

We do stuff that others never get the chances to do.

We should be very proud of the young people in this community.

We just need a wee reminder sometimes.

Who needs snow? Not us!!

Who needs snow? Not us!!

Guy Fawlks Party Night

So the rain came down, and outside was wet an miserable.

So whats do we do?

We have an explosion of light indoors!

Our evening included learning a bit more about old My Fawlks himself, with a bit of running included, then got down to creating an explosion of colour, with led lights attached to the Cub’s and Scout’s finger tips., teamed up with a long exposure on a camera.


We even made our own sparklers! No explosives were used in this, just bread sticks covered in melted chocolate with sprinkles!

The evening ended with everyone taking there chances with biting a chocolate covered mini doughnut from a string (Apologies to the parents for the copious amounts of chocolate sauce used!).