Farm to Fork, The first Night. 

one of our 2 visits to our local Tesco store to find out more about where our food comes from. 

Giant tangerines from Peru, to strawberries from Angus. 

Everybody tried something that they might not have normally tried. 

Thanks Pam and Dale. 

Look out for group No2 in a couple of weeks.  


Portlethen Gala

Well, its summertime (honestly), and the last Saturday in August means one thing.

Time for Portlethen Gala.

For this year, our contribution came in the shape of crepe pancakes and pop corn.

We had a very busy day and the crowds seem to enjoy what we had to offer.

A “Bravo” goes out to the organisers for making this year happen.

(Note to self, bring more pans, more pop corn and more pancake batter next year!)


Waiting List

I’m sorry to say, due to the demand for places, and the ever increasing waiting list, we have had to take down our Child Joining page of our site.

Both the Beavers and Cubs are now inundated with people looking for places within Scouting in Portlethen and it is now at the point that we just cannot take any more names for our waiting list.

This has been mainly due to lack of suitable meeting space and, of course, the age old problem with getting people to volunteer with the running of the sections.

We will do what ever we can to find space for as many children as we can within the group, but for now, I’m afraid to say, we just can not add to the list.

Last night for our Amy.

One of our young stars are heading north!

Yes, our Young Leader, Amy is heading up north to Inverness for her work placement for the next year.

So our Beavers’ gave her a great send off, with a few small gifts that we’re sure she will find a use for.

People like Amy, and Alice , her sister, don’t come along often.

Have a great year young lady.

Have a great time,…………

Our Amy has her last night before her next great adventure.

Our Amy has her last night before her next great adventure.

but hurry back!


Waiting List

Chances are you’ve found this site as your looking to get a starting place for your child at our scout group?

We pride ourselves on trying to do our best for everyone involved with our group.

We have, at the moment, high numbers of children waiting to get a place.

This, we hope, is an indication of the group’s success.

But we have limited space within the Beavers and Cub Sections, and we are becoming inundated with people looking to come to our group.

The last thing we want to do is stop people coming to our group. That would be awful.

But we need to at least warn people that our normal starting timescales, are potentially becoming impracticable for children looking for places in the younger sections (Beavers start at 6 and move on to Cubs at 8 years old).

I’d ask that you keep this in mind when filling out one of our Waiting list forms.

We will do everything to do our best to accommodate, but the lack of affordable / available meeting space, is holding us back.