Any space for my child?

Simple answer, is yes!

But…….there are 2  conditions!

We need somewhere to meet!

We think we can get that one sorted.

But, more importantly, we need people to Volunteer!

One without the other, is like a bike with no wheels! 

“I’d love to help, but I’m really busy”.

Yes. We know. So are we. 

Volunteering as a regular helper, or preferably a Warranted Leader, is a commitment. But we need people to do this, otherwise the answer to the above question is NO!

Please don’t think other people will do this. They won’t.

We would love to start a new Beaver Section and, in a couple of years time, a new Cub Section, in the Hillside area of our town.

But we need people to do this.

Remember, what we do is all about having fun.

We are open to all, and we are a friendly bunch.

Please help us to keep the answer to the above question  Yes by clicking this link.

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