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I’m sorry to say, due to the demand for places, and the ever increasing waiting list, we have had to take down our Child Joining page of our site.

Both the Beavers and Cubs are now inundated with people looking for places within Scouting in Portlethen and it is now at the point that we just cannot take any more names for our waiting list.

We do whatever we can to find space for as many children as we can within the group, but for now, I’m afraid to say, we just cannot add to the list at present.

We will reinstate the Child Joining page just as soon as we feel we are in position to take in more children.

10 thoughts on “Waiting List

  1. Hi, i was wondering is there is a way to be notified when your waiting list is active again? My son is 6 and would like to attend beavers.
    Kind regards

    Carol-Anne Arundel

    • I’d check back in a couple of months time. At this time we have 9 Five year olds, and 17, 6-8 year olds. We’d love to open another Beaver Section and instantly wide out the whole list, but for variuos reasons, that just isn’t possible.
      Keep a checking the site. We do what we can to get as many in as we can.

      • Hi, just checking back to see if the waiting list for beavers is open yet?
        Kind regards
        Carol-Anne Arundel

        • We are getting the numbers down, but it’s still too high to start taking more in. We hate giving folk false hope.
          We’re actually in the process of seeing if we can get a let at the new Hillside School, so we can look to start a new Beaver Colony.
          Then, of course, we would need more volunteers to help!

          Keep checking back.
          We will do what we can to help.

          • Fingers crossed yout can start
            to another colony. I’ll check bacjase in another month or so.
            Many thanks

            Carol-Anne Arundel

          • That would help greatly. It does also create another issue.
            These Beavers then lead on to Cubs, 2 years down the line, which then, more than likely, would mean the need for another Cub pack, etc, etc.
            All need sections need, A) Accommodation, B) Volunteer Leaders with experience, and training etc.
            All hard to come by in Portlethen.

            But believe me, we are doing what we can.
            We really want to give as many young people the opportunity to have fun and learn as we can.

  2. Hi, I was just wondering if and when it’s looking likely to have the list open again for beavers? Just looking for my sons to join. Thanks Angela

    • Hi. yes, we’ve managed to get number back to a more realistic level. I’ll reinstate the Child Joining page soon.

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