Cub Badge Night

Always something the Cubs look forward to. Not everything in the wide range of activities we cover can be done by 30 Cubs on a Thursday night,due to lack of time.

Hence, the introduction of Badge Night, an open evening where the Cubs get to bring along some examples of their other interests, and hopefully be awarded through the receiving of a badge.

This evening (we actually ran into a 2nd evening, if truth be told), we had a few Sports Enthusiasts, a couple of excellent Book Readers, one very clued up, a bit of Musicianship, a Road Safety expert, to name but a few, but of course, the best part, for us Leaders, had be the part of the night when we were allowed to sample some of one of Cubs’ home baking.

Ewan, your shortbread really was excellent.

Can we have some more though?

Can we have some more though?



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