Waiting List

Chances are you’ve found this site as your looking to get a starting place for your child at our scout group?

We pride ourselves on trying to do our best for everyone involved with our group.

We have, at the moment, high numbers of children waiting to get a place.

This, we hope, is an indication of the group’s success.

But we have limited space within the Beavers and Cub Sections, and we are becoming inundated with people looking to come to our group.

The last thing we want to do is stop people coming to our group. That would be awful.

But we need to at least warn people that our normal starting timescales, are potentially becoming impracticable for children looking for places in the younger sections (Beavers start at 6 and move on to Cubs at 8 years old).

I’d ask that you keep this in mind when filling out one of our Waiting list forms.

We will do everything to do our best to accommodate, but the lack of affordable / available meeting space, is holding us back.


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